Sep 8 2011


Noel Fielding’s Graduation Speech and Buckinghamshire New University’s Graduation Ceremony.

This video is only available if you have the link.  Please respect everyone who was there on their special day and don’t go throwing this around carelessly.

Sorry again for the quality..


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Jul 19 2011

Noel on car accidents

Apr 25 2011


In case you missed it.

The music video for Kate Bush’s Deeper Understanding featuring Noel Fielding 

(his bit is at the end)

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Apr 20 2011

"Smoothie Time"

Audio from their time in Melbourne in 2001

Mar 21 2011

There is nothing I will ever love more in this world than Live!Old Gregg

Mar 3 2011



Noel on the loss of his virginity:
“I want a refund! Where’s the horse? The skates? This is bullshit!”


DKJNVKJJKNVFD!!! What is this? I have never seeeeen this beforee. Oh God. What a cutie…. I’m dead now. dead. d.e.a.d….

Meant to reblog this before I went to work & completely forgot! ><

I don’t think I have ever seen Noel Fielding look more embarrassed than he was at the end. PINK CHEEKS SUIT YOU WELL x3

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Feb 26 2011

One more thing, I know we all know he’s going to the finals but for those of you that actually want to see how it went down, here you go <33

Feb 20 2011

Ravenspawn and the Willow Man

This is actually pretty great lol

"Noel Fielding, your skill in making up weird shit is unmatched."

Feb 17 2011

Previews of my Booshy ringtones for anon and all others who were/are curious

(sorry for my quick Richmond flail)


I promise you that they are all high quality and do not sound crappy whatsoever.

Feb 14 2011


Anon wanted to preview that ringtone. Let me know if you guys want previews of the other ones~

Jan 20 2011







The Late Late Show

Rich’s part. 

Yes! I love when things are on YT straight away. :D

EDIT: Just FYI, I clapped and cheered with the audience when he came on. And this was me basically the whole time:

Best thing ever.

every second of it is priceless

so much love for Rich <3

This was great, I just wish that Craig had given a little of Rich’s background for those who don’t know who he is, and let’s face it, the majority of the American public don’t know who he is.  I also can’t believe he referenced the movie Ssssss.  Haven’t seen that in years.

I watched a clip from this show when Matt Smith and still none of it seems to make any sense to me. But, Fulcher is king

What the hell is going on? Oh my god idek but I love Rich so hard.

So I never told you guys, but I was actually in this studio audience yesterday! I’m quite positive the girl sitting next to me was the only other person there for Rich. Also, at the beginning of the episode, Craig mentioned about how during the break there were two pervy women in the audience that got off on two men going at each other. Guess who those two pervy women were, and guess where the camera panned to when he said it? Yep. Being on the same screen as Rich Fulcher and being called a perv by Craig Ferguson is the proudest moment in my life.

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